All systems go: over 3000 entries with 6000 minutes of case films…. That’s two weeks of non stop case film watching….….We started on Thursday morning to cut down the digital landfill to about 200 entries for our shortlist. It took some time, but on Sunday morning we saw a few marvels appear and a further two days of brilliant discussions, arguments and top quality mayhem we got the list down to 2 Grand Prix’ssss, 11 Golds and 25 Silvers and about 49 Bronzes.

And guess what? The work coming through was absolutely brilliant. Clouds Over Cuba is so wonderfully executed and immersive that I lost a couple of hours to it. The newsroom style responsiveness of Oreo Daily Twist or the writing and photography for The Beauty Inside totally blew me away.

If there is one story for me coming from Cannes it’s how top notch the quality of writing now is in Cyber (I like the word Cyber, it’s so vintage digital). The craft and the ideas do now really stand up next to feature films and broadcast. I am excited to see what the world will do with the internet in 2014. It really feels like we have only just started properly now.

May I take this opportunity to pimp my 3 favourite pieces from Cannes this year, Surfer got a Bronze, and that made me very happy. Enjoy:


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