It’s live, it’s alive and it’s got 10 tentacles.

James Cooper and Flo Heiss (that’s me) are proud to present an idea conceived at Pixar after we broke into their board room.



An interactive coming of age tale about a little squid with big ambitions. Born at the bottom of the deep dark ocean he dreams of a bigger world with sunshine, humans, music and ping pong tables.

It’s free to download for the iPad only from here

Maximum props for helping making this happen go to:

Joe Nash at Dare for actually making the app #skillzzzz @jowie
Alan Prater for helping him
Jake Morris at Dare for being relaxed about me stealing his talent @rushmor
Lorriane Geoghegan for pulling favours left right and centre @loreana_g
Ed at Wave Studios for being a sound wizard
Brad Bird for the Pixar connection
Rei Inamoto for cultural assistance @reiinamoto
Carina Martin for proof reading and sense checking @copycatch
Anna Rafferty at Penguin for being super generous with her advice @raffers
Eric Huang at Penguin for invaluable input #squidmaster @dinoboy89
Perry Price at DareLabs for being Perry Price the genius @perrynow
Will Nicholls for business assistance @willnicholls
Ben Heiss for Creative Direction
Kate Heiss for moral support in difficult times
And last but not least Louis for squid inspiration

more on

It’s live, it’s alive and it’s got 10 tentacles.


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