Morecambe and Wise in Pompeii

Isn’t it amazing how often we discuss what it is exactly we are doing as agencies (maybe it’s just me). What is it what we are actually making. What do we call our creative output. Is it media agnostic ideas, channel neutral creative, digital, tools or services or utilities or ideas that can be advertised as opposed to “just” advertising ideas, is it content or pop culture commercial creativity, products, or social media or what?

Isn’t what we create MAGIC?

Could it be as simple as that? I’d like that. Yes magic, that’s what I’d like to do. Literally maybe, in the form of a simple AR app or as a 5 minute film that captivates you.

It’s difficult, but I do think we have everything in place to create this magic, but maybe we are just not organising it in the right way to create it.

We are playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order. Yes, we are doing everything right and maybe that’s why the magic doesn’t happen sometimes.

There is a certain way to do things that employs a healthy disrespect to how things are being done. Alchemy at work, when all the bits fall into place and everyone works towards the same idea, from, say, the UX planner to developer to copywriter to [insert specialism here].

Watch this clip by Pink Floyd from 9mins onwards. Proper magic at work. Watch how everyone does their bit in a brilliant unique way, watch how the camera moves beautifully and simply, how the sound chaos suddenly stops and everything falls into place, how the bassline carries you, how the band is filmed from the back, how the whole thing is inexplicably set in Pompeii and how all of it works so brilliantly.

Let’s work together and create some of that magic.

I’d like that.


One thought on “Morecambe and Wise in Pompeii

  1. I am 20 mins away from presenting a concept that has, over the last 48 hrs, been f**ked to death because that’s what happens in agencies sometimes. Consequently I feel like I’ve been f**ked to death, because that’s also what happens in agencies sometimes.

    What you are saying is SO right.

    If it’s not magic and it doesn’t FEEL like magic; what’s the point?

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