Grey Men Part 2

 (I strongly recommend reading my previous blog post first – this is important stuff– thank you)


Now what’s this? This morning the wall looks like this. Someone obviously thought the yellow paint sprayed onto the wall looked ugly and painted over it. Tried to mask it off. But is this better now? I don’t think so.

What happened? Was the blue not available? Well, black will have to do. It’s close enough. No one will notice.

Was the code on the project written by someone else? Has the director moved onto another job? Is the animator on holiday?

It’s always difficult to fix a campaign after it’s gone live.

Slow down.

And get it right first time.


6 thoughts on “Grey Men Part 2

  1. This is incredible! Perhaps the biggest thing to happen on the Great Northern route since the trains at Stevenage starting stopping ever-so-slightly further up the platform (anarchy, I tell you).

    What on Earth will be on the wall tomorrow? Worthy of its own blog, I’d say. I’m going to have to think very deeply about how to top this…

  2. Thank you Jonny. I quite agree. I do however think this is less significant than the Stevenage-train-stopping-slightly-further-up-the-platform-incident you describe. Only slightly less I hasten to add though.

  3. The Wall represents everything that is rank in UK. You forgot to mention that the black paint now part-covers the yellow cage. Aghhhh.

  4. Perhaps it’s not a grey man, perhaps it’s Banksy? and even of not I kinda like it.
    If s**t like this didn’t exist we’d all be living in a brand PPT pres (we’ve all seen them). Rubbish.
    Control is for those who are more afraid of loosing than winning.

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