7 tips on how to get an interview at Dare

Yes it’s true we are looking for creative teams (Junior and Senior) at Dare.

I get a lot of emails from teams, which is nice, but I don’t open all of them and I won’t be able to respond to every single one, apologies for that.

With that in mind I thought it might be useful to give some tips on how to surface on top of the rubbish heap that is my inbox.

1. Don’t use LinkedIn. It takes three clicks to find my real email address online.

2. Help me to remember you. Give yourself an edge. A quirky URL is a good starting point. Don’t go with the generic nameAandnameB.com unless of course your names are Baxter Toadstool and Klaus Nudelstiel. There are only so many mattanddave.com’s I can remember.

3. Put a little personal note about yourself in the email and why you want to work at Dare. Be specific. Obvious stuff. NOONE does this.

4. Keep your email short. Don’t write an essay.

5. Pick something from your portfolio you think I should see first.

6. Try not to use Carbonmade or one of those generic portfolio making sites to show your work. You are much better than that. Do your own site.

7. Don’t email me Friday night or on a Saturday. I might see your email, but will have forgotten all about it come Monday.

Thank you. You have been a wonderful audience.


11 thoughts on “7 tips on how to get an interview at Dare

  1. Fuck you, you fucking smug cunt. Some of us can’t just make our own sites. Or pay a web designer. So we have to use Carbonmade, or readily available equivalent.

    Your advice is firstly, shit, and secondly, patronising.

    Plus, who the fuck would want to work at a crappy backwards agency like ‘Dare’? When did you last do something original? Fucking never, that’s when.

    Eat shit and die in a fire.

  2. Your Mum is right.

    Except she missed out the hypocrisy of how shit your wordpress is.

    You are much better than that. Do your own site.

  3. In agreement with Father…

    This delightful read on floheiss.wordpress.com

    Common Flo Heiss… Give yourself an edge.
    Where’s your quirky URL? You’ve gone with the generic FirstnameSurname format, and your name isn’t Baxter Toadstool and Klaus Nudelstiel.

    I wish you tried not use one of those generic blog making sites. Flo Hiess, You are much better than that. Do your own site.

  4. Listen to him: ‘…I don’t open all of them’.

    Poor little cunt is too busy to open an email. That’s right, just throw someone’s hard work in the garbage without even taking a look. Maybe they followed his 7 point plan to the letter, but Mr. Big Dick is too busy updating his generic ugly wordpress site, and watching Mad Men and Gossip Girl.

    People like this give our industry a bad name.

    ‘Be humble about how you go about things and to be nice to people and respectful of opinions.’ – Flo Heiss

    Nice to see he’s practicing that advice as he deletes emails, offers no response, and forgets about those who ask for help. But ‘IT’S ONLY ADVERTISING, NOT OPEN HEART SURGERY’, thanks!


  5. Not the first time I have been called a cunt, but this time it might be justified. Apologies if my post comes across as patronizing. It was intended to be helpful, but I can see all your points.


  6. It’s obvious these anonymous, trollish comments come from one person.

    Flo’s article was considered, helpful and by no stretch patronising. And this is from someone who does not know him, but has seen his fair share of Junior portfolios.

    Berating someone who is trying to help is probably the most stupid thing of all. And yes, he can use a wordpress for his personal blog, because it is a personal blog, not his only hope to a job in the industry.

  7. There is a very fine line between generic and creative when using this specific approach. The challenge is to find a familiar symbol that can reinforce the business name but stays away from cliché imagery.

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