The end of the line

Here’s a thought that been bouncing round my head for a while. Prompted again by the announcement that Twitter is now adding a push function to their service. Which is essentially a modern way of texting.

Let’s make an assumption. Wireless is covering the planet.

Now, why would I want to pay for a phone call using a network operator if I can do the same for free over the internet?.

What if Facebook put a call button on their site?

What if Twitter allowed you to call your followers?

What if you could call someone from your email? Oh hang on.

I obviously don’t really know what I am talking about, all I know is that my gut feeling hasn’t disappointed me in the past…like what I said about Spotify four years ago.

I am excited.

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One thought on “The end of the line

  1. True, that’s why the mobile operators are sh… their pants and blocking skype, etc. They see it coming, too. The scenario you are painting just has one unclear issue: who has paid for the infrastructure for global WLAN?

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