The Guinness Book Of Advertising

Doesn’t exist.

Just read Dave Trott’s latest blog post and found myself violently agreeing.

It made me dig out a comment I posted on Twitter a while back:

Digital Marketing has kind of turned into the new Guinness Book of records. It’s all about biggest, firstest, most livest and most realest.

But that’s not what it’s about. Fresh ideas are the ones that combine existing ideas or technologies and use them better, sexier, simpler, more unusual, more interesting or in a different way.

Great ideas are not about firsts.

I am guilty as charged. We still talk about doing things for the first time at Dare. It’s so easy to get carried away with it – especially in digital.

iTunes wasn’t the first place to buy music online. The iPod wasn’t the first mp3 player. Skype didn’t invent video conferencing. Social networking exised before Facebook and Twitter.

Now. Who’s going to be the first to make that hit app for the iPad?

I for one will certainly have a go.


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