Pump Up The Volume

First they hopped in Barcelona.

Then they hopped through advertising

and Flashmobbed Yahoo across 17 countries.

Now they have congregated in a warehouse for the last leg of their tour.

Meet the Hoppers.

A long journey it has been for them and boy they are deflated.

That’s why they need your help.

From next Monday you can pump the hoppers in the warehouse via Twitter using #pumpt.

Yes that’s right.

You can pump up hoppers with Twitter.

But that’s not it, we’d also like to know what you want us to do with them once they have all been pumped. Tweet it. Tell it to our @chiefhopper. He will make the best idea happen. Honest.

Now have a live look at our clever techies setting up the pumpstation. Phew.

Here’s some set-up pron for the geeks amongst you.


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