Major douchebag speaks sense

Never thought I’d say this, but Dieter Bohlen speaks sense in this clip. Unfamiliar with Mr Bohlen? He used to be in a german “band” called Modern Talking in the 80s responsible for “music” like this:

He has since reappeared on German TV as the German version of Simon Cowell (no Wikipedia link needed here)
You might have never heard of Dieter Bohlen and don’t speak German, but basically what he says here is that all music should be free and kids should not be criminalised for sharing music and the only way for musicians to make money is gigging. Going live.

I have written something along those lines a while ago (if you don’t want to read the whole gumpf just read the last para here)

Dieter I salute you. There, I’ve said it.


4 thoughts on “Major douchebag speaks sense

  1. My pennies: I bought a compilation from iTunes the other day called the “80s-Tape”. Music of my “youth”. Sounds bad, but I’m growing old and you tend to do funny things then…

    But listening into the tracks after (legally) downloading them I came across several tunes that are now being reused for Top10 hits. Or re-released by a modern artist alltogether.

    I.e. Eminem with Toy Soldiers using samples of the original by Martika (1982 I think). I liked the song when I first heard it on the album, thought I knew some tune but was not sure….Listening into the 80s-Tape-Album I now know why I liked the song – because it was something from my youth I remembered hearing….

    There are many more examples, I just need to do some research 😉

    What I originally intended to say: Give away music for free to the kids – they will pay for it later when they got money. I recorded 80% of my music for free from radio in the 80s (and even sold some tapes to friends…) Apart from the selling this was perfecty legal – even trading these tapes on the school playground was fine…nobody was offended.

    And now I pay for my music – because I can afford it and I have understood that you need to pay for stuff that’s good.

    Just because the technology evolved, why can’t we just continue to handle music the same way we did (in the 80s)?

    P.S: Saluting to Dieter is really really hard – but for once, I could follow him, too…

  2. Great observations Tobias.

    The other thing that keeps happening to me is after i go and see a band live i really get into their Music and i go and buy all their back catalogue (as it has happened with Nick Cave and Metallica recently). I still quite like to own the music. Yes i am one of the few people that still buys CDs.

    • soa schaas! mein brummeln passt hier garnicht rein finde deine mail nicht mehr,muss hier auf einem wohlfuehldiktatur apple rumhacken,seufz.flo wir schaffen das morgen nicht 28.08! bitte um termin cancel – muessma ihm oktober machen.das zumindest ist der plan.aegert mich sehr.mmmh aber great britain – sehr geil bin voll fan geworden

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