Everyone has to start somewhere

I started here.

In 1998 I applied for my first job as a junior
designer at Razorfish in London. The creative
director luckily was in New York that day, the
design director saw something in me and gave
me a break. Thanks Mr Sonley!
The first ever website I designed was this one:
Oddbins.com. At the time the standard screen
resolution was 800×600 and the site was optimised
for Netscape.
I made a font for the headlines with Fontographer
using my handwriting. The drawings were
animated gifs.

See more people’s over at D&AD Flickr


One thought on “Everyone has to start somewhere

  1. I remember it well Flo – what a fine trail blazing piece of work it was too. I saw Mr Sonley and his good wife in Ireland a few weeks ago. After a few whiskeys it’s funny how much passion flows about those Razorfish days – sad old bastards or new media romantics, I can’t decide :-/

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