It’s not that I am lazy or anything…

…but blogging all of a sudden seems a bit quaint. Anyone else? Might be just me.

I am sure I will get back to it eventually, but at the moment stuff happens so fast and I am having too much of a good time on Tumblr and Twitter my iTouch and Flickr

6 thoughts on “It’s not that I am lazy or anything…

  1. My blog died ages ago. it’s in that dusty, dark part of the internet with millions of other blogs that don’t get updated or read. in fact it is probably here

    Micro blogging is the way forwards, too much to consume out there, so we need to do it in 140 characters or less, otherwise no-one can cope.

  2. Struggling to update mine… certainly not the daily rush of last year! I have a list as long as my arm of blog topics and no time anymore to get around to writing them… enjoying Twitter immensely though, though its not the place for deep discussion obviously…

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  4. People seem to stop blogging as they feel they can’t keep up with their blogs insatiable demand for updates.
    I think the idea that a Blog has to update every day or something in order to stay interesting is a self-imposed problem. The idea of a Blog aka a WebLog (or just a log) should mean that whenever you have something you want to share you should see it. The data doesn’t biodegrade, people will see if when they get around to checking out your stuff. So take a break whenever you feel like it dude I say! When/if you start it again, people will still read.
    People being me at least.

    I hope blogs don’t die in favor of their micro-brethren. The internet has done enough damage to my attention span not to cripple the only internet medium I actually try to take an interest in!

  5. i know what you mean

    I keep meaning to write something more indepth… but im loving the short pithy comments on twitter that are natural and less thought through

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