How to win at award shows

“Flo, you have lovely bags under your eyes.”

Having just gone through 300 + awards entries pre-judging the One Show I thought it might be helpful to give a few tips on how to put together a stonking awards show entry.

(1) I hate those summary films, but they help giving a quick overview over complex campaigns. But please have mercy and make it short – no longer than one and a half minutes. Make sure it loads quickly. Keep the file size small.

(2) Keep the copy on the entry page to an absolute minmum. Juries skim read and if the entry film looks interesting they sometimes read a bit more. Most won’t read a word.

(3) Don’t use words like challenge, insight, solution or problem. Don’t talk about raising brand awareness, engagement and things like “dwell time”. You can talk to me like a person not a marketing robot. Tell me what the idea is and tell me it quick, ideally in one sentence. If you can’t chances are your idea is not good and will win diddlysquad.

(4) Simple stuff and funs stuff wins. I don’t want to know if you’ve done something for the first time ever. I am interested in great ideas not gimmicks.

Find some good and not so good entries here.

P.S If you enter a Japanese campaign please provide a short summary film so I can quickly decide whether I want to sit through 30 minutes of loading bar. Unfortunately US and European based judges still don’t have the pipes you guys have.

13032009267, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.


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