The end of mobile networks and a woman of the future with three breasts

the end of mobile networks, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

End of…
Operating Systems
Music Industry
Film Industry
Barbara Streisand

I have predicted the end of quite a few things in the past and of course I have no idea about what happens in the future. All of my crystal ball musings are just attention grabbing rubbish and half-baked thoughts (I was right about Spotify though…). Just like my second (maybe third if you count Conan) favourite Arnie film Total Recall aims to depict the future (2084) gets it so entertainingly wrong: Of course we have a woman with three breasts, but no one has even thought about mobile phones…

But this occurred to me the other day: What if, just imagine, if the whole planet one day is covered by wifi internet. Free wifi internet. Why would anyone use an expensive mobile network to make a phone call? Surely you would just use free Voice over IP? What happens to the mobile numbers? You would just call someone’s name (like Skype does already)?

I’ll get my coat.

(The Guardian agrees with me)


2 thoughts on “The end of mobile networks and a woman of the future with three breasts

  1. Had a similar conversation last night. ‘Wimax’ is coming soon to some cities. I believe it’s been trialled in Brazil, somewhere or other. So how long before it covers the globe like mobile networks do?

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