The Things and Zombies

TheThings, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

As you might know, I have been collecting The Things that are done to death in digital on a post-it over the years. In my infinite wisdom I have now it framed so I can’t actually write on it anymore. I guess writing on the glass works too.

The Things collected on this post-it of death are sort of the inspiration behind this. Yes we’ve all done them at Dare and no creative is allowed to do them anymore. Maybe once, if I have a good day, but that’s it.

Now, I’ve spent the last two weeks pre-judging the entries for this year’s One Show (between changing nappies of my new born girl Mimi) and I have kept a record of sorts of The Things that have been done this year. I am not saying they are good or bad, but these are The Things that seem to be hip at the moment:

People talking to camera
Microphone enabled stuff
People introducing websites
3D Hotels/museums type environments
CD-Rom like stuff
Microphone enabled banners
Live stuff
Things following the mouse
Burning banners
Zombies in banners
Uniqlock hangovers
Everybody and everything Japanese.
Intros to skip
QR codes
Spoof stuff
Consumer generated TV ads
Photo uploads
Real time stuff
More zombie stuff
Pages falling apart
More live stuff
Lots of people doing lots of things together
First this and first that
And, yes, even more Zombies


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