DR I love you

Lonely Drink, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

This lonely drink is also a beautifully designed bottle that I got given by Darren Pascoe of the fabulous Designers Republic a couple of years ago when we had a chat about doing something together – which never really happened for one reason or another – can’t quite remember why to be honest.

DR unbelievably is now gone out of business. This is quite old news, but I only found out today. How could I have missed this?

During my graphic design studies in Germany, Italy and at the RCA in London, DR was always on top of my list of work I loved and admired. They invented a style of typography and imagery that was/is mind-bogglingly fresh and new. Unfortunately as always they were copied by too many people and this style is now everywhere.

I remember a FUSE conference in 1995 in Berlin where Ian Anderson did a talk and the translator kept translating DR with “The Republic of Designers” very funny – you have to be German I guess.

Their Issue of Émigré was a landmark publication in the 90s. It’s the one I keep getting out every now and then admiring the inventiveness and insanity of the design. Reading Patrick’s post on the CR blog, it looks like maybe the end of DR is actually a new beginning for them. I hope so.


3 thoughts on “DR I love you

  1. WTF! I never knew either. Fuse had two centers of gravity: Brody and DR. I just moved so have handled all my books in the process: Carson too was a big influence pre-DR. They were Playstaion 1 darlings!

    Shmame. And even if it is old news, it’s new to me. It’s over maaaaaan. Pack away that copy of Fontographer (even though it’s OS9 and won’t work anyway), and say a little prayer.

    *looking out of the wondow*

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