The brainstorm that never happened…

@ewarwoowar our marvelous planning director (the only planner with ok shoes) is a master at running a good storm of the brain. He asked to bring 4 pictures along (the brainstorm unfortunately never happened).

A picture of someone you really love (a celebrity, a friend, a family member, a colleague…):
Nick Cave – master of depressingly uplifting beautiful music.

30012009195, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

Something that really whips up some emotion in you (a scene from a film, a passage from a book, a piece of art, a song) that you can share with everyone:
This is my hometown lake two days ago. I love this place, but could never live there. I’d die of boredom.

30012009192, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

A picture of someone else who stirs another emotion in you (desire, envy, respect, etc):
The fourth picture is of two people at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin. A beautiful black and white photograph. The dark side of this photo is the fact that all the flags in the background have swastikas on them and the fact that those two people are my grandparents.

30012009193, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.


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