It only took two years

Twitter has finally gone mainstream thanks to the fabulous @Stephenfry and @Wossy.
Here is my first Tweet (took a whole load of clicks to go back to that):
Listening to Helmet. 5:27 PM Feb 14th, 2007 from web

19 thoughts on “It only took two years

  1. my first tweet (instead of multiple clicks increase the page number in the url “page=x”):
    “twitter resistance is futile. let’s see if i can waste some more time 8:52 AM Jun 13th, 2008 from web”

  2. my first tweet. I have kept it just as high brow ever since.

    “waiting to go in the loo for a wee, that bog’s been engaged for ages” 4:31 PM Jul 25th, 2007 from web

  3. thinking that I am getting old because I am grumpy about the party over the road and it is only just gone midnight 12:16 AM Sep 15th, 2007 from web

  4. My first tweet was DIY related. Boooooring.

    “trying to avoid calling a builder to get my bathroom fitted”
    2:14 PM Jun 12th, 2007 from web

  5. Mine:

    “thinking about the caramel in my drawer and wondering how well it’ll do in the bake off tomorrow” 10:34 AM Aug 1st, 2007 from web

    then I left it til this morning to pick up again.

  6. Having to work a little late, but excited to hear I’m going to New York next week! 6:51 PM Nov 21st, 2006 from web

  7. punching the very small Barclays Stockbrokers envelope 10:47 AM Aug 22nd, 2007 from web

    plus ca change!

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