Tom Waits is reading my blog

…well, sort of in a roundabout kinda way…

Toady I had this video removed from YouTube because of music right issues.

This makes me proud and annoyed in equal measures.

I am a massive Tom Waits fan and I have legally bought every single album he has ever made all the way from Closing Time to Orphans.

I did this film when I was a student and I have just recently found it again on a harddrive.

I know that Tom Waits is fiercely protective of his music. He has never allowed his music to be used for advertising. I think that’s very cool. Reasons I am annoyed by this are:

1. I am not really advertising or selling anything.

2. I have bought the music that I used for this film.

3. You can’t download the song.

4. It’s art.

5. It makes me like Tom Waits a little bit less.

loading, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.


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