Top online ads – ever

Tomorow I am going to judge for a Revolution feature on the best/most influential online ads ever. Had a litte think which ones I’d like to see. Here is a list. In no particular order. I am sure i have missed a few obvious ones. Especially difficult to think about anything before, say 1996.

John West Salmon viral
Subservient chicken
Mini Rabbitholes
Nike Madrid Run
SOL Comments
Ronaldinho kicking the ball against the cross bar viral
Diesel XXX viral
Music Cubes
Orange Balloon race
Trojan Games
Hysterical girlfriend
BMW films
Coin Dominos viral
Evolution Dove
VW reassuringly safe
Lee & Dan’s suicide viral
Dareschool 2006
The one where they glued a monitor to a wall and you could send messages to the monitor
VW – The Touareg
The Global Richlist
AP Kylie viral


5 thoughts on “Top online ads – ever

  1. Great list. Could you count something like The Beast ARG as an ‘online ad’? If so, it’d be on my list – highly influential in framing a new genre of interactive experience.

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