Whassup D(igital)?

Advertising and marketing are at their most effectife when they create pop culture, and boy, I wish I knew how to create it. Flat Eric became pop culture and of course the Whassup ad. I love this TV ad, still so funny after 10 years.

Now, imagine this ad having been made today, in a digital world. At the time YouTube and none of the other 2.0 things did exist. The viral versions of this idea got shared by email which restricted the activity to a certain filesize (1MB attachments where just about possible at the time). Today Whassup would fly around the net in no time. It’s such a simple, stupid word that is instantly ownable and invites participation. A true piece of popculture at the heart of what in essence is a product demo: A dude having a beer on a sofa.

This is what I want to do. I want to create the next Whassup for the digital world.

I have been using Whassup in presentations recently and now to my delight I have found this updated version. Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Whassup D(igital)?

  1. Shame Budweiser didn’t get behind the new version – the disclaimer at the end making it clear this is nothing to do with Anheuser-Busch. They were big Republican backers tho i think – and are Belgian now, so probably don’t care.

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