Carrots and Michael Jackson

Something just occurred to me. Isn’t there a hierarchy of importance for putting stuff out online?

Whenever I have a thought, something stupid, throwaway, I stick it on Twitter.

If I have an image and a bit of a story to support it I stick it onto Flickr.
(and then pimp it on Twitter)

If it’s something that requires an image and a bit of thinking (not too hard) and a bit of typing, in other word if it’s “worthy”, I blog it. (and then pimp it on Twitter, usually the image lives on Flickr too).

If it’s a big-ish idea it warrants it’s own site or separate life online.

All this could be the same idea in different incarnations. Maybe this is how successful marketing works? Something grows according to the place you put it on. But what do I know…

Happy birthday Jacko.

Picture stolen from Matt (without him noticing…so far)

Carrots, 2nd harvest, originally uploaded by blackbeltjones.


One thought on “Carrots and Michael Jackson

  1. HAH! busted.

    We had carrot soup made from these last night. Nothing tastes better than stuff you’ve grown yourself from seed – total imaginary improvement, but still true…

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