Breaking news: Sketchbook search ends

I’ve been looking for the perfect sketchbook for a while and have blogged about it here.

The marvellous Tobias suggested this site to me and I gave it a go. Today a set of five perfect sketchbooks arrived at my desk.

Just in time as well because I note that even the Dragons on Dragon’s Den are now using the Paperchase sketchbooks I’ve been using for years. Time to change to the new books.

If you can’t find it make it on the internet.


4 thoughts on “Breaking news: Sketchbook search ends

  1. Always looking for a better sketch book, shame this is in German – was there a second option in English for us heathens, alternatively I suppose I could just go with the flow and take a chance – getting bored with my Mole Skin

  2. Disclaimer – Disclaimer. Having stared to use these now, I have to say that they are quite flimsily bound and one can see ones fingerprints on the black cover…God I am difficult.

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