The Filter 3.0

IMG_3825, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

I have written this thing about the Filter a while ago. Some of it is not quite right, but the main idea still stands: The new web is an ever-growing brain. To find our way around and to avoid over stimulation we need to filter unnecessary information.

Now Coops sent me this very, very interesting talk. Kevin Kelly calls the new web a machine, an organism, the one.

About 13 minutes in Kevin talks about ideas and data being linked to each other. Something I refer to in my ramblings as postcode for every bit of data.

I am nowhere near as clever as KK, but it seems interesting that we seem to have had a similar sense of where this digital thing is going to go.


One thought on “The Filter 3.0

  1. Great minds think alike.

    The thing I like the most in the talk is the notion that ten years ago no one would have dared think google maps or wikipedia could ever existed (who would have the time? what’s the economic model? etc etc).

    So now, every time we have an idea and someone says that’s impossible, you can legitimately think, ‘is it, really? why?’.

    Great tool for clients / other folk who don’t get it.

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