Pecha Kucha Made in Brunel 2008

Did my first Pecha Kucha last night at Made in Brunel 08. Terrifying and exciting in equal measures. Maybe terrifying a bit more…

This is probably not what I said, but it’s what I meant to be saying, to be honest it’s all a bit of a blur…

This is where I am from. A place called Murnau. A place which inspired artists like Kandinsky. Very beautiful.


A place where people wear lederhosen. This is a very special one with an inbuilt mp3 player. And this is way before nike +. Murnau has a great art heritage, but advertising is not really happening there.
This is some of the stuff we do at Dare. Digital marketing, advertising all sorts of wonderful things. But I don’t want to show you any of that. I want to show you some of the stuff I do outside work. Stuff that inspires and influences what I do at Dare.
I don’t really like advertising. This is from last years A list book. Why are you good at what you are doing. Actually I love advertising. I love ideas. I am a bit split on this. Art…advertising. Help…

  This is a famous example of art turning advertising. I change my opinion on this on a daily basis. Is it ok to do this? I think it is. On top “cog”. At the bottom the original “The way things go”.

 Artvertising – (genius). Does it exist? I am split. On the right is my advertising personality. On the left my artistic self.  

 Then I found this….  
…by this man. A very good book btw. I was lucky enough to meet him and present him with my problem. What am I? An artist, an advertising person? He said who cares. So I stopped caring.
I do a lot of drawings on my mobile. All the time. Hundreds of them.

My friend Nerina approached me and asked me to do an exhibition with them. I blew them up and made screen prints.  


This is the inevitable proud dad picture. Ben and I got the paints out one day. I thought this looks cool. Took some close ups and…  


…fiddled around in photoshop. Sony approached me and this painting is now used as screen image on all new Bravia e4000. I think 1 million will be shipped with Ben’s painting on them.  


One day I watched Rocky. I love Rocky. I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to have all Rocky films playing at the same time. So I layered all of them over the top of each other. I actually watched the whole thing. Pretty mental. A couple of weeks later I did the same with Jaws.  


I often think what Warhol would have done with the internet. He would have loved it. Especially Twitter. This is an ongoing thing I do on my Twitter feed. I post a random sentence from his diaries every day. I call it Daily Random Warhol. (DRW). Coops is doing the same for Tibor Kalman (DRT) and Dangerous is doing it for Hunter S Thompson (DRH).  


This is a Flickr group I run called Lonely Drinks. Sad lonely drinks. Drinks that are lonely and sad.  


I have a thing about giant squids. A mysterious monster creature that has never been filmed alive. I collect links and thing about giant squids on my blog. People now send me stuff from around the world. This is a giant squid cuddly toy I picked up at Barcelona airport. Genius.


But before it gets too silly, back to work a bit. This is John Bartle. Our non executive chairman. Founder of BBH. A very nice and inspiring person. He asked me once. How do you know about all the things going on in digital. How do you stay on top of it?  


I think it’s about people, friendships. This is an amazing group of very talented people. All part of something called Creative Social. Chris Clarke being the obvious choice for Jesus.  


But is also about having fun. The digital jury at D&AD deciding on the pencils…



This is where you can find all this and more. Thanks.


3 thoughts on “Pecha Kucha Made in Brunel 2008

  1. Hi Flo,
    Saw your presentation at the Pecha Kucha and absolutely loved it. Wanted to get in touch afterwards but couldn’t find you. Loved how you had transformed the drawings you did with your son into screensavers…terrific work! I also liked the concept of Artvertising, we were discussing it later how that was an interesting concept put forward and how it differed from Design and Advertising.
    I am a MA Design student at Brunel (I was one of the people from the MADE in Brunel team, who organized the Pecha Kucha) and would like to interview you for my Postgrad research.
    I found your work very interesting and inspiring. Hope can have a chat with you at some point.

    Thanks & Regards,


  2. thanks for the follow up post. your chit chat was entertaining and delicious. what a contrast the bentley guy was right after…

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