Good news with a sprinkle of sadness

The good news is that Dareschool 08 has started with 5 bright schoolers in full swing. The sad news is that Colin, who’s escapades at Dare landed Dip and Rob a place, has sadly passed away. Watch this space for wake updates. 


2 thoughts on “Good news with a sprinkle of sadness

  1. Your sympathy for our loss has been most appreciated, its always hard to know who to turn to but you have all been great.

    I like to think Colin had to move on to bigger and better things.

    I also like to remember him as a courageous fighter, charismatic, the biggest adrenaline junkie I ever knew and also a bit of a charmer when it came to the lady hamsters.

    He was a star.

    So Colin…I would like to thank you for gracing us with your presence whilst on earth.

    Colins funeral is soon to follow and we will be spreading his ashes.

  2. How sad, I once had a feral rat in my warehouse at work, he wandered among the shelving & pallets for many months. I named him Hamish the Wonder Rat. Then one morning I found him dead as a post. I think the flick man’s baits got him. The boss never really liked him that’s why he called the Flick Man.
    Greetings from Tasmania

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