4×4 meme: More about me.

Got tagged by Jones, Mr dopplr, the doc internet with a blackbelt in pixelation.

 4 jobs I had in my life:

 1986 – 1989

Whilst still at school I cleaned hospital wards in my hometown. A shitty job in the true sense of the word which involved getting up at 4am every Saturday and drive to the place in my unreliable 100 Deutsch Mark Beetle.

1990 –1992

To fund an expensive private Art School in Munich I spent nights making sample boards for architects. This involved glue gunning tiles to big plastic boards which were picked up each morning by a truck and driven to Agrob in Munich.

1994 – 1995

Saw me working in a printing factory whilst at design college in Augsburg. I was preparing plates for offset printing, mounting films and, yes, believe it or not the occasional letterpress. One week I had to collect together a phone book for glue binding which involved walking around a desk for 8 hours a day starting with A all the way to Z and then beginning with A again. The horrible thing was the clock that I could see near all the A pages. It took me about 1 minute to finish a round, so I started dividing the day into 1 minute increments working out how often I needed to walk around the table before I could go to the loo, have lunch etc. Mental…I went …mental..dnwdsuegwkyqdhn

1999 – 2000 

After graduating from the RCA I went to work at the University Of Digital, otherwise known as Razorfish. I met a whole bunch of amazing and very talented people there. We had a great time, did fuck all work, but I totally fell in love with the internet.

Four TV Shows I DVR (Not sure I understand this, but these are the TV shows I own on DVD)

The Office

Not only is this the funniest thing on the planet, I also think it has performance art qualities. Truly genius. Ricky Gervais should have won the Turner prize for this.

Monaco Franze, Der Ewige Stenz

This might not mean much to you if you are not German or indeed Bavarian, but this is a series that ran on German TV in the 80s about a middle-aged hopeless ladies man. It is probably the best written thing that ever ran on German TV. Very funny (yes Germans do have a sense of humour) and it encapsulates the beautiful melancholy of Munich in an amazing way.

 The Muppets

Ben and I are watching this together. If you have two year old get the first series box set. I am sounding like a grumpy old man, but they don’t make TV like this anymore.

That’s all the TV I have on DVD. I have a whole collection of horror movies, but they don’t count, do they?

Four places I’ve been:

Budapest – go to this bar. It’s the most dangerous bar in town.

Urbino – I went to college there. A place so beautiful it hurts.

Warrenpoint – lived there for a while in the 80s. Not pretty, but real.

Istanbul – a planet in it’s own right.

Four music artists I’m listening to right now:

Reading this at the moment. Diving back into an old obsession of mine by the name of Nick Cave. New album out 5th of March.

Tool – Guilty pleasure art metal

Opeth – Uneasy listening

Fabrizio De Andre – Someone put shuffle on my iTunes at work the other day and this came on. Ahhhh lovely.


Here are my unfourtunate (getit?) nominees for this meme: Mike, James, Dangerous and Nick


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