Bill Murray and the digital outdoors

IMG_0838.JPG, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

Found this VHS on a car boot sale at the weekend. “The Man That Knew Too Little”

I didn’t quite catch the whole title being too self conscious taking a picture in front of the stall holder. I haven’t seen this film for quite some time, but I remember it being very funny. The basic plot is that Bill Murray visits his brother in London who wants to get rid of him for an evening so he sends him to the “Theatre of Life”which is an experimental play set in the real world with audience participation. Players receive their plot outlines and instructions via a call in a phone box.

I think it is interesting to look at this film in the context of recent developments in digital with stuff bleeding into the real world and interaction marketing not being confined to the box that is the computer. Mobile phone connectivity allows people to experience digital on the move. See areacode for some great examples in this field.


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