I find advertising a waste of my time

Two weekends ago I was outside with Ben throwing paper planes. A woman walks up our drive and somehow managed to persuade me to answer a few questions for research.

At the end of the short session she asked me if I wanted to do a more in-depth QA. My initial response was: fuck that, but then I thought it might be quite an interesting thing to do and see what the questions are that are being posed to people that in return inform a lot of the knowledge we use at Dare to get insights into target audiences.

Two days later a big fat book with 200 pages arrived through the post. Amongst the dull “What crisps do you eat?” and “What TV do you own?” there were a couple of pages with questions that I thought quite interesting. Have a read. Are these the big questions of today? It certainly made me think. Sorry for the crap quality.

lifes_big_questions, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.


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