Good Bad Art – an old idea revisited

This is an idea originally conceived with Louis nearly 10 years ago. We have been working on this on and off and produced some concept proofs, tried to get funding but this never went anywhere. The idea is from a time before broadband, Flickr and 2.0.

In essence the idea is Flickr for art but with the added twist that people can mix shapes and play with colours to create unique pieces of art that can be downloaded, printed out and hung on a wall. Part of this would be working with established artists and get licensing for a sort of diffusion range. For example Damien Hirst would license the usage of his dots.

A short conversation in a taxi two days ago has sparked my interest again and Ben and I got the paint brushes out and made some shapes which I then converted into bitmaps and played around in Photoshop to create new paintings. In this exercise I used black, white, blue and grey. Anyone fancy writing a flash engine for this?
See all originals and modified paintings here.


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