The music cloud

There is a lot of talk about digital downloads destroying music (or should I say, the music industry). Radiohead have given their album away for free – others will follow.

But downloads are just the tip of the iceberg. What will happen in the future is that music is going to be just there.
Like radio. On demand. Anywhere. Think a song. Listen to it. No downloading needed.
What this means in turn is that live performances will become more and more important and people will pay for those.

Everything digital will be free. Everything real will have a price.

IMG_8197.JPG, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.


One thought on “The music cloud

  1. I bought the Radiohead album for 1p. I got charged 45p for the transaction. I don’t even like Radiohead, so they have got 46p more out me than they would have done had they charged a ‘full price’.

    They probably won’t have to go on tour now thanks to my contribution.

    btw, I am selling the MP3’s for 47p. Anyone?

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