Two books, two thoughts one Hulk

Just re-read Nicholas Negroponte’s marvellous “Being digital”. Apart from the fact that this book is amazing and has Negroponte predicting pretty much everything in the digital space (the book is 10 years old), it made me think about my favourite subject again.
Free music.
Here is my prediction. Music won’t exist as a physical download. It will just be there. The idea of owning music will be an alien concept for future generations. I-pods will turn into receivers. Music consumption will be like radio on demand. And free.

“The Cult of the amateur” I have ranted about this book a while back. See what the chaps at the MIT think about it. I think it’s one of these “timespirit” (I hate the word “zeitgeist”) books like Blink or “Slow” which have a premise that can fit onto one side of an A4 and then the rest of the book is a variation on that theme. I will read the “Cult of the amateur”, but it will make me angry. And you wouldn’t like me when…


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