Call me old fashioned…

… but celebrities in advertising don’t do it for me. This recent campaign for Virgin Media using Uma is worth looking at. Why did they use Uma? I can’t see the point other than creating some PR around it or provoking reaction like “wow” they have used Uma Thurman off of the cinema. What’s the relevance to Virgin Media?

But wait! This is a trick post! The second image is not from the Virgin campaign at all. Click here to find out what campaign it is.
It proves my point, totally meaningless and interchangeable use of lens-fodder.

uma1.jpg, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

uma.jpg, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.


2 thoughts on “Call me old fashioned…

  1. I also thought the Virgin Media TV was really badly lit. I mean she looked old – saggy eyes and a bit jowly. Why did they do that, if it was deliberate I can’t see what the reason was?

  2. well, yes its highly questionable why Uma would want to consent to be portrayed in such unfavourable light, however its all about exposure ratio in modern celebrity culture. So, if you are a woman in your thirties with decreasing role offers and an overdependency of Tarantino you may want to portray yourself as an alcoholic psycho to encourage other directors to send you some interesting scripts…

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