If Warhol was alive…

He would paint these images.

These pictures might be the photographic equivalent of Duchamp’s Urinal or Warhol’s Brillo boxes in the digital world.

Coops and I often talk about what Warhol would have done with the internet.
I think he would have loved it and gone crazy with it.

At Dare we have done quite a few imaging upload sites and I have done my fair share of moderating. It’s these four images that pop up all the time, especially “Blue Hills”. I always thought someone’s being a funny chap uploading the same image to our sites, but of course being an Apple douchebag I didn’t realise that these are images that come with Bill’s system software (Thanks Gav for pointing this out to me).

Who chose them and why is it those images? Three of the four are views. One is in winter, one is a sunset and one’s, well, blue hills. The water lilies are the odd one out, but it’s a flower, which is the third most posted image on photo upload sites after cats and babies. These images, I guess are the lowest common denominator of all stock images and as such quite interesting. They are photos that don’t offend and everybody “understands”. Stock photo photos. The idea of a photo.

I think they must be the most used/watched/famous images on the planet.

Blue hills.jpg, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

Water lilies.jpg, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

Winter.jpg, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

Sunset.jpg, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.


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