Save my goldfish

We have a very small pond in our garden. The goldfish/frog ratio is unnaturally skewed towards the amphibians. At last count this morning 3/8. Now, as reported in Campaign on the 2nd March the frogs are shagging everything that moves in the pond. Including the fish. One fish already died due to this unhealthy behaviour.

We took action and moved the fish out of the pond into a bowl. This, of course is only a temporary measure. And this is where you come in. Give me 3 reasons why you should have the fish and I will hand them over to you at a secret location at dawn.

IMG_6597.JPG, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.


3 thoughts on “Save my goldfish

  1. My old dear has 3 good reasons why she should have them. Freddie, Charlie and George. They are all hungry cats.

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