So, Goodtechnology who used to be next door to us “tagged” us today by taping a big cutout of their company logo to our railings. Good effort I say. Not quite sure what it’s meant to be or do. Do they like our office so much that they wished it was theirs? Giustify my Love. Please fill the comments! (Pic courtesy of JC)

goodtech_logo.JPG, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

10 thoughts on “Bafflement

  1. I’m sure it was just a nice of way of saying goodbye to our neighbours at Dare.

    You going to move in next door again? 😉

  2. Farewell fare neighbours. Thought we’d help out by giving you a momentary lift in credibility. We’ll miss you all.

  3. Marc, you won’t be able to have your ‘What Dare are working on,’ email anymore will you!!

    Good luck in the new joint.

  4. In HTML you have to use a code (an HTML entity) for special characters, on of which is the > (greater than) sign. The code for it is: >

    Maybe this means they think they are greater than dare?


  5. Ah, of course. When I enter the code in my previous post, it appears as the “greater than” sign itself.

    That should be &gt plus a semicolon.


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