Ask and thy will be tagged

Meme going round at the moment. A kind of blog chain letter. Once you’ve been tagged by someone on their blog, you need to write 5 facts about yourself on your blog, then tag 5 more people and tell them about it.

I did beg nicely and Nick tagged me, thanks Nick. This doesn’t mean our technorati ranking war is over. My rankNick’s rank.

So here goes:

1. I went to school in Northern Ireland in the mid eighties. Which probably explains the strange romantic feeling I get whenever I see a council estate or smell coal fires burning. It was tough being the only German in a rough school, emphasised by the fact that I was the only pupil not wearing a uniform (plain clothes, not naked…). I had a fantastic time, though. And I met a lot of very nice people.

2. I once played a live gig on a vacuum cleaner. I have a photo of this “event” somewhere. I’ll dig it out and post it..

3. I think a lot of people know by now that I am obsessed with the Giant Squid, so this might be new to you: I am into insects and stuff particularly into moths. We had a spectacular moth trapping night last September. We caught two convolvulus hawk moths. Ace/Sad – you decide..

4. My third toe is longer than my big toe.

5. The best one-on-one tutorial I’ve ever had was 30 minutes with Brian Eno at the RCA. I showed him all my work, which ranged (and still does) from silly drawings to corporateness. Searching for an artistic identity (a box in which I could put myself) I asked him what he thought I was. An artist, a designer an advertising whore… He just said: “Who cares.”

My 5 people are:


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