Cute is the new sexy

Had the very nice chaps from Sony Ericsson Japan in today. Sasakisan and Tsurutasan talked about a phenomenon in Japan called blogparts, basically a way of decorating your blog with images and cartoons and stuff. A kind of visual RSS feed allowing brands to update content on people’s blogs. Japanese people are much more relaxed towards marketing than we are in the western world. People here are much more cynical about stuff like that and probably wouldn’t put an image of a SE mobile on their blog just like that. Someone asked what the most popular blogparts were and Sasaki just said: “Cute”. I think there is something in that. We need more colour and cuteness over here.

cute_V_sexy.jpg, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

I loved this chart. There are two types of internet users: The ones that visit and the ones that don’t.


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