And why wouldn’t you…

…blow her clothes off?

lynxblow.jpg, originally uploaded by Flo Heiss.

Claire Beale in the Independent:


According to, Lynx is the deodorant for a certain type of unrefined male. But boy, does it give good advertising; slick, sexy and the geek always gets the girl. No wonder most blokes love it.

Eagle-eyed surfers will already have stumbled across the spanking new Lynx digital ad by Dare. And no doubt they’ll be passing on the good news: this is absolutely true to the classy Lynx heritage, and then some. It’s a great example of how an ad on the web can take a brand proposition built on TV and really amplify it.

So we have the beautiful girl. Of course we do. Scantily clad. Naturally. Now blow into the microphone on your computer and she shivers and squirms. Oh, and some of her clothes fly off. The harder you blow, the more chance you have of getting to the full monty.

This is a superb idea. Forget all those digital ads that are interactive just because they can be; here, the interactivity is integral to the idea. It might not be the first website to have grown men breathing heavily over their computer screens, but I bet it’s the cleverest.

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One thought on “And why wouldn’t you…

  1. Reminds me of John Maeda’s Reactive Square, a very early art peice where you blew into a micrphone and a sqaure reacted (it’s all in the title really).

    “Inspired by the early Russian Suprematist Kazimir Malevich and his courage to abandon all decoration in pursuit of the simplest of forms, such as a single black square, I began thinking about black squares which would exist only on the computer. I was also concerned with a way for children to use computers; not by wrestling with the mouse and keyboard, but by simply talking or singing to elicit a reaction from the computer. Thus, users would talk to the Reactive Square through a microphone, and the square would react. “

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