Charlie Schön

I am about 48 hours behind on this whole thing, so the marvelous Sam Bishop conducted some research for me on the topic and he found this:

This is the best one with Piers Morgan

Then there’s this from ABC

And a few more here

All of which has lead to a host of amazing catch phrases like: “Touch my children and I will eat your hands off your arms.”

And here are some post interview content things:

Charlie Sheen does Charlie Brown

Charlie Sheen Winning Mashup

Charlie Sheen motivational posters

Live the sheen dream, all quotes compiled

Charlie Sheen Soundboard

Sheen Job interview

Sheen v Gaddafi

You can now follow his actual official twitter too!/charliesheen he loves hash tagging his own sayings #Tigerblood

Amazing. Time well spent.

Thanks Sam.

Oh and:

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